Full Session Photo Coverage*

We're gonna be friends with this one. We'll be with you from your first bar warmup to your very last competition attempt, getting everything from start to finish.

*Minimum 50 Photos


Photo + 2 Video

The fan favorite! This package includes a full photo album (minimum of 50 photos) and videos of your 2 best lifts.


The 6/6

If you're trying to go 6 for 6, so are we! This package includes a full photo album (50 photos minimum), plus videos of all 6 of your lifts, made or missed.


Custom Package

Looking for something different than our standard packages? No worries, we're happy to discuss custom packages.

We offer coaching packages, team bookings, highlight reels, raw footage packages, and more!



How Will I Receive My Photos and Videos?

Photos are delivered via PixieSet and usually arrive within 4 weeks of competition. Videos are hosted on Vimeo and are sent out within 6 weeks of competition.

How Long Does it Take to Receive My Photos/Videos?

We typically pick up a lot of bookings and spend a lot of time editing to make sure we're delivering products we are happy with. Photos can take up to 1 month following an event and videos can take up to 6 weeks.

What Size Photo &/or Video Will I Receive?

Your album will contain full-sized photos that were exported at 300 DPI. This means you should experience no quality loss if you choose to get your photos printed.

Videos are delivered in a 9x16 format that has been exported for the best upload quality to social media sites. Widescreen delivery can be discussed as a custom package option.

Do You Travel for Meets?

We're happy to travel anywhere you'd like us to. Please keep in mind, travel costs are typically built into our invoices. We always travel for National Meets (AO Series & National Championships) so dont worry about those.

Can I Book During the Competition Days?

We do our best to accommodate every booking request we receive. Since we book our meets well in advance of the start of competition, there aren't usually a lot of slots available.
Please be aware that there is a fee of 20% added to packges booked the same day of competition.

Can I Upgrade My Package the Day of?

Yes! We're happy to upgrade your package if you change your mind about wanting video.

Please note that video camera availability may impact our ability to honor upgrade requests. It's best to ask as soon as you're able!

How do Cancellations Work?

Things happen, it's alright! Cancellations more than 1 week from the start of competition are eligible for a full refund. However, because we block off slots that prevent other lifters from booking us at that same time, cancellations less than a week from the start of competition are only eligible for a 50% refund.

Unfortunately, cancellations that occur once competition has started are not eligible for a refund.

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