Our videos are moving up a weight class...

Since 6/6 started in 2021, we've edited over 700 weightlifting videos. At this point, we've seen more of your big lifts than the hashtag #MaxOutFriday. Safe to say, we're ready to bring y'all something new!

Our new video packages will still include your best snatch and best clean & jerk, but now they'll also include a music-driven video that showcases your entire competition from warm ups all the way until your last clean & jerk. We want to use audio of your coach and your supporters, cheering you on. We want you to feel something when you see a 6/6 video.

Our new video package booking includes:

  • 1 dedicated videographer covering your session (Don't worry, it won't feel any different than booking us for photo. We always try to give you as much space as possible to do your thing on meet day.)
  • 1 (<1 minute) highlight reel
  • 1 video of your best snatch
  • 1 video of your best clean & jerk
  • 5 9x16 photos*

*Please note: The 6/6 packages are now separate from full photo packages. In this package, we are providing 5 9x16 photos that can be used as IG Reel covers. If you would like more photos, you'll need to purchase a photo package separately. Unfortunately, our videographer can't capture unique video angles and photos of your competition at the same time.